A high-end steakhouse in your backyard

grill the greatest steak you've ever tasted with the forge

Create the best caramelised crust you and your mates have ever had. With a grill that heats up to 900°C in seconds, we’ve got all your barbecuing needs covered.

Top-down grilling creates an even distribution of heat, meaning no more dead zones and dried out meat. Say goodbye to nasty flare ups that ruin the taste.

The Forge is the most versatile grill on the planet with a temperature range of 90°C to 900°C. Grill everything from steak and seafood to vegetables for all your mates with multi-level grilling and independently-controlled burners.

The Forge boasts a huge grilling area. Capable of cooking up to 8 steaks in under 5 mins, so you can spend more time eating!

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This is my steakhouse

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Seared to perfection in minutes

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Stylish and powerful, a showstopping combo

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What our customers are saying

Salt, sear, eat, repeat. Been 5 straight days of steak dinners with this thing. Better than restaurant quality char


Great quality product, makes me look like I know what I’m doing. Steaks, chicken ribs and prawns all turned out perfect. Love it!


This thing is solid good work guys, only done steak in it so far but man was it easy to use and that crust was sensational!


It is amazing at cooking steaks. Next to experiment with is pizza. Thanks again for a summer full of fun cooking ahead!

S Thompson

Simple put a awesome thing. The quality is second to none & the taste is unbelievable. Well worth the price. Great job SEARSMITHS!


Great grill. Easy to deal with company. Great steaks made simple.

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