Meatstock Sydney 2018

We founded SEARSMITHS back in 2016 with one mission: to ensure that the best steak you ever tasted is the one you cooked yourself. After almost 2 years of planning, designing, prototyping, and improving, the SEARSMITHS Forge was ready to be unveiled. With over 15,000 passionate carnivores in attendance, where better than Meatstock Sydney to unleash this stainless steel beast.

Armed with over 40kg of premium steak and lamb chops, SEARSMITHS introduced itself to the hungry masses and the responses were amazing! The smells emanating from our marquee drew crowds, and our claims of a 4 minute cooking time really got their attention.

As people gathered, 3cm thick cuts of Rangers Valley Black Onyx steaks were removed from the cold box and salted. We started a timer with every demonstration to prove our claims. Throughout the weekend, there were consistent looks of amazement as beautifully cooked steaks cocooned in a perfectly seared crust were removed from the Forge after only 4 minutes 

As for the taste? The video we made speaks for itself.




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