Our Story

Dave and Paren have been friends for over 18 years. They sat through hours of mind-numbing high school calculus together. Then they toiled through University assignments together. Over the years, many a barbeque feast was shared together. 

It was a sunny Wednesday morning in Sydney when Dave, as was the norm, began thinking about steak. How to create that caramelised crust was a question that just wouldn’t go away.

Meanwhile Paren, sitting on a park bench in London and shielding himself from the cold, had a similar question – “how do steakhouses achieve the results that I can’t seem to get at home?”

There was no doubt that these two men, separated by oceans of time (literally), and plagued by culinary conundrums, were connected. So when Dave and Paren’s paths crossed once more, they realised they had a common mission: to ensure the best steaks they ate were the ones they cooked at home.

So they began to study and research all they could get their hands on. It was their apprenticeship of sorts, cooking in pans until the sun rose. They studied (ate) and researched (ate) and spent long days and late nights dreaming of a better way (this involved some eating too).

The missing link to the perfect steak, they knew, was in the searing. You see, you don’t just cook a steak, you also sear it– a technique where the steak’s surface is cooked at an extremely high temperature until a caramelised crust forms.

And then, one night, it came to them like an ancient whisper from the gods. The key was the temperature and the direction from which that heat was coming from.

From that day they vowed:

  • No longer shall steakhouse quality steak be confined within the walls of fine establishments that require a booking.
  • No longer shall our homemade meat be kept on an amateur level.
  • No longer shall we accept such ludicrous conditions.

 For all those who take their meat seriously, the moment has arrived.